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Program Profiles


Program Profiles

  • Classic Novels
    Dastani Larai

    Dastany Lary: A pre-recorded program broadcasting from 8pm to 9pm; every Saturday and Sunday.


    Sheba Dastani Lary is a one-hour fiction program that recognizes the passion Afghans have for stories, novels, documentaries. The presenter is narrating dramatically the most famous national and international fictional stories, and traces well-known classic and contemporary authors in Pashto.

  • Entertainment Program
    5 Doost (5 Friends)

    5 Doost (Five Friends): A pre-recorded program, broadcasting from 8am to 9am; every Friday.


    5 Doost is a social program in which technology, entertainment, arts and other social issues are being discussed between five presenters. During the program, information about culture, world cinema, introducing of monuments of the country and the world, introduction of influential celebrities, interesting information and information about fashion are discussed.

  • Entertainment Program
    Naway Dehkada

    Naway Dehkada: A pre-recorded program, broadcasting from 9am to 10am; every Friday.


    Nawai Dihkada is an entertainment program, hosted by two exciting and talented presenters Khujast Karimi and Faeiza Yosufzai. Each week, the program presents the biography of a specific singer and introduces listeners to a musical instrument. In each show, special guests are also invited to the program to provide useful tips on the development of Afghan music and the best songs from the previous week are played.



  • Youth and Families

    18+: A live program, broadcasting from 5pm to 6pm; Tuesday to Thursday.


    18+ is a program dedicated to discussion of issues related to youth and families in terms of their individual and group needs, within the framework of psychology and medicine.

    In the program, topics related to stress, sadness, shyness, failure in common life, sexual issues, healthy marriages are professionally discussed during the program. Moreover, achieving of mental relaxation, identifying the aspirations and goals among youth, and providing scientific information are being discussed in 18+.

  • Comedy Program
    Petawy (Comedy Program)

    Petawy: A pre-recorded program, broadcasting from 5pm to 6pm; Saturday to Thursday.


    Petawy is a comedy and entertainment program hosted by several of Afghanistan’s most recognized and talented actors including Mamnoon Maqsoodi, Hamid Nasiri and Rahmatullah Andar. The program is focusing on social related issues and addressing them through comedy sketches. Petawy also contains local and classic folk songs from various Afghan singers.

  • Game Show
    Game Show

    Game Show: A live program, broadcasting from 4pm to 5pm; Saturday to Thursday.


    Game Show is an entertainment and music program. The first segment of each show is known as Game Box, during which songs being played, and discussion is held between the presenter and the audience with questions and answers about topics such as proverbs and horoscope. In the second segment of each show, interesting information and hot topics trending on social media are discussed, in addition to a poetry competition.

  • Women
    Hindara (Mirror)

    Hindara: A live program, broadcasting from 3pm to 4pm; from Saturday to Wednesday.


    Hindara is program dedicated to women and issues women are facing in Afghanistan. On Saturday, rights of women are being discussed with a lawyer; on Sunday, health issues are discussed with a doctor; on Monday, child care is discussed; on Tuesday, psychological problems of women are being discussed; and on Wednesday, life and achievement of notable women are discussed. Listeners are encouraged to submit their questions and points of view on specific topics, for discussion during the program.


  • Tolana aw Adalat (Society and Justice)
    Tolana aw Adalat (Society and Justice)

    Tolana aw Adalat: A live program, broadcasting from 2pm to 3pm; on Saturdays and Sundays.

    Tolana aw Adalat is a social program with information about the laws of Afghanistan, and the obligations and rights of the public under the law being discussed. During the program, questions called in from listeners are answered by an advocate, Mr. Ajmal Hodman.

  • Karhana (Agriculture Program)
    Karhana (Agriculture Program)

    Karhana: A pre-recorded program broadcasting from 2pm to 3pm; Monday to Wednesday.


    Karhana focuses on agriculture and development in rural areas by providing farmers with information concerning biotechnologies, machinery and farming equipment, farm safety, soil and water usage, the use of fertilizers and pesticides, harvesting, animal husbandry and feeds, etc., with the goal of helping farmers and sustenance-based agrarian communities to increase their incomes, provide better food for their families and become more self-sufficient.


  • M4U

    M4U: A live program, broadcasting from 1pm to 2pm; Saturday to Thursday.


    M4U is an entertainment and musical program featuring, Afghani, Iranian, Hindi and Arabic songs. The program also features a quiz, during which short clips of different songs are played for the audience to guess the artist who has performed the song.

  • Roshani

    Roshani: A live program, broadcasting from 7am to 8am; Saturday to Thursday.


    During Roshani, social, political, economics, sports and other social issues are discussed. Listeners can call-in to the program to express their views related to the topics. Topical guests and short informational packages are also featured in Roshani.

  • Vitamin (Kh)
    Vitamin (Kh)

    Vitamin (Kh): A live program, broadcasting from 8am to 9am; Saturday to Thursday.


    Vitamin (Kh) is an entertainment program discussing traffic jams with funny jokes that will bring smiles to listeners, particularly to youth of the country. During the program, there are telephone conversations with the audience, discussing their daily plans, informing about traffic jam and rules of driving. In addition, popular songs from around the region which are requested by listeners are played.

  • Azmoon

    Azmoon: A live program, broadcasting from 9am to 10am; Saturday to Thursday.


    Azmoon is an entertaining program with music requested by listeners, telephone conversations and quizzes. Audience members have the opportunity to call-in to the program and win prizes every day.

  • Round Table

    Makhamakh: A live program, broadcasting from 10am to 11am; Saturday to Thursday.


    Makhamakh is a round table program about political issues, current affairs and important topics related to Afghanistan and international stories, discussed and analyzed by average citizens, government officials, members of political parties and scholars.